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Alkaline Decongestant Cough Syrup - All Naturell Healing

Alkaline Decongestant Cough Syrup

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Alkaline Decongestant Cough Syrup helps to remove mucus, soothe cough and sore throat and helps to reduce fever.


Main Ingredients

Elderberry, Mullein, Oregano, Ginger, Irish Sea Moss, Agave

*Unique formulas are proprietary and may contain ingredients not listed here.


1-2 teaspoons twice daily.

(4 oz Jar)


Legal Disclaimer

Not recommended during pregnancy. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Jarvis Harvey
Great Cough Buster!

I have seasonal allergies which affect me at anytime throughout the year. The allergies cause me to cough and make me congested. I take a teaspoon of this and within 20-30mins my cough is greatly reduced. The syrup does have a slight aftertaste that is a little off putting but it only lasts maybe 10 seconds. It definitely is better than taking the stuff you'd find in the drugstore. Nature is the best source of healing! Be Well!

Kabaso Saunders
Most buy

My husband and kids had cough and was gone two days after they started taking it.

LaTres Bagley
Decongestant cough syrup

I love the results I got for my granddaughter. It really stopped the coughing and mucus

Stacy Nelson
It really works

This is a awesome cough syrup it took all the mucus of my chess

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